What Will You Give Up This Year?

Many people are talking about, and maybe even committing to, New Year’s resolutions. And if you are, great. Here’s a different perspective.

I’d like you to think of a year from now. What would it be that you’d regret having not done a year from now? Think about that as a potential New Year’s resolution. But more importantly, what I’m going to ask you to think about is, what are you prepared to give up in order to be able to do the thing that you want to do? You see, most people are suffering from what I call “busy-ness”. “I’m too busy”, “I have too much to do”, “I don’t have time”. It’s the modern disease. If you’re not prepared to give up something, putting something else on your plate is setting yourself up for failure. Please don’t do that to yourself. Figure out what it is you’re prepared to give up first, then you can figure out what you’re going to replace that time with.

Have a great New Year’s.

Be well.

  • stlhdsal

    Excellent, Owen. This busyness you speak of robs us of the most precious gift we have: time. I’ll certainly consider what I don’t want to experience next year, the sense that I have not grown.

    • Thank you Patrick, our most wasted, yet precious gift, time.

  • wip-lesson-learned

    The most precious currency is measured in hours and minutes, not dollars and cents.

    • Without question. Wish this didn’t have to be learned the hard way and for many of us, it does.

  • Appreciate these comments about time. Personally I am letting go of activities that I don’t want to be involved in this year. I have an inquiry I am asking myself and it’s this; “Will this activity nourish my spirit?” My body knows instantly. I have said to others that this will be a year of disappointments. Not that I want to disappoint others, I just don’t want to disappoint myself. Stay tuned.

  • Endre Gabori

    Great wisdom Mr. Williams. As a young entrepreneur in a start up, I am constantly struggling with prioritization and while I am making great success in the area, there is always so much to learn when it comes to commitment to something new and the opportunity cost that comes with that in life. Option A is good but what is the opportunity cost of going with Option A? Option B is also good, but again, what will it cost to do that scenario?

    Once I’ve started to think in terms of opportunity cost, it has significantly bettered my efficiency and timeliness of making decisions and committing to new things – whether it’s a new year’s resolution or just an ordinary day.

    I get great value from your wisdom and look forward to your continuous contribution!

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